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Game Of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette

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An arsenal of 20 eyeshadow shades you can use to declare your allegiance to House Targaryen, to House Lannister, or to House Stark, or to defeat the White Walkers. Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens. This product is also cruelty-free.What Else You Need to Know: Inspired by the strong women of the Seven Kingdoms, these jewel tones and earthy neutrals give way to dark metallics and frosty shimmers—they can all be customized with the four transformer shades. Prepare for battle with Stormborn, a glittery metallic purple, and unwind with Lannister Red, a matte reddish-brownThis Palette Contains:- 16 x 0.03 oz/ 0.85 g Eyeshadows in Bend the Knee (lilac with blue shift), Dothraki (gold metallic), Stormborn (purple metallic with iridescent micro-shimmer), House Targaryen (pale rose-gold metallic), Lannister Red (burgundy brick matte), House Lannister (peach matte), Red Keep (warm copper metallic), Casterly Rock (dark bronze metallic), Weirwood Leaves (deep plum satin), Nymeria (warm terracotta matte), Winter Is Here (dark brown with iridescent micro-shimmer), The Sight (metallic green with iridescent micro-shimmer), White Walker (blue shift), Frozen North (deep teal with iridescent micro-shimmer), Take the Black (jet black with iridescent micro-shimmer), Free Folk (silver metallic)- 4 x 0.05 oz/ 1.42 g Eyeshadows in Bay of Dragons (sparkling pink transformer shade), King's Landing (pale gold transformer shade), Winterfell (antique gold transformer shade), Hardhome (sparkling white transformer shade)