Charlotte Tilbury

Full Size Collagen Lip Bath Lip Gloss With Pillow Talk Set

At Nordstrom
What it is: A limited-edition set with three full-size Collagen Lip Bath Lip Gloss shades in the iconic Pillow Talk, Walk of No Shame and Refresh Rose. What it does: Collagen Lip Bath is a hybrid lip enhancer inspired by media filters that plumps up your lips to make them look fuller and healthier. It nourishes, refreshes and bathes your lips in lustrous marine collagen, like the ultimate facial for your lips. Lip-plumping mustard sprout extract hydrates and enhances the volume of your lips, defining the contours and creating a fuller, firmer appearance. Marine collagen moisturizes and creates a plumped effect while coconut oil nourishes and softens. Pearlescent pigments create a milky, pink, opaque sheen which reflects the light, making the lips look fuller and wider. Peppermint extract gives your lips a cooling and fresh feeling. Shades include: - Pillow Talk - Walk of No Shame - Refresh Rose How to use: Swipe onto lips using the applicator.