Food Storage Containers – Stainless Steel 304 Bpa Free

LEAK PROOF - AIR TIGHT – CHEMICAL FREE – BPA-Free: Cut down kitchen cleanup time, and stick to your ketogenic lifestyle by prepping HEALTHY meals ahead! set with 5 sizes: Xxlarge 95oz/2800ml, xlarge 56oz/1650ml, large 28oz/850ml medium 18oz/550ml small 12zo/350ml stainless steel snap seal containers with lids LOCK OUT AIR so FOOD STAYS FRESHER LONGER - SAVING you $1000’s a year on healthy produce and proteins you’d otherwise throw away! KEEP IT REAL, KEEP IT FRESH, WITH JACEBOX!⭐ ⭐HEAVY DUTY – VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE - BE PART OF THE SOLUTION: Skip the cheap, easily warped plastics and breakable glass – they just wear out and clutter our landfills! JACEBOX Engineered our ECO-FRIENDLY stainless steel food containers to LAST A LIFETIME, from the toughest premium 100% RECYCLABLE, EARTH FRIENDLY 18/8 grade 304 German Stainless steel, with cut-resistant lids – so you eat clean keto on the go, while reducing your carbon footprint. ⭐ ⭐STACKABLE & SMART: SAVE MONEY – SAVE SPACE – SAVE YOUR SANITY - While most food preservation lunch box requires yearly replacement, suck up valuable storage space, and make accessing food impossible for little fingers, JACEBOX STACKABLE, REUSABLE stainless steel lunch containers save you money and space while making it EASY for kids to access snacks, lunch, and meals on the go. The smaller Bento Boxes are great as a lunch box containers or on a cooler or picnic party! Get FIT WITH JACEBOX💪 ⭐EASY CLEAN – DISHWASHER SAFE – TASTE & ODOR REPELLENT Because they’re crafted from RUST PROOF stainless steel, JaceBox food containers easily pop into your dishwashers top rack. ODOR & TASTE REPELLING TECHNOLOGY means your food storage containers pop out smelling as fresh, clean as the day you opened the box. ⭐ With 5 compartments this Superset is perfect for family and friends gatherings. For a Picnic, leftovers, as travel containers too. Since you can pop them anywhere! Backpack, lunch bag! ⭐TRUSTED BRAND – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: MAKE HEALTHY EATING EASY again with JaceBox FREEZER containers and FRIDGE SAFE lunch box containers. Our family guarantees your family feels 100% THRILLED with your purchase or simply let us know and we’ll personally send you a FULL REFUND for ANY reason – no hassles or questions asked.⭐BUY ONE FOR YOU AND FOR A LOVED ONE NOW! Everybody needs some healthy foods and snacks easy on the go! Awesome as a Eco-Friendly Gift!