Foaming Hand Wash Pink Lotus + Rice Water

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The little moments can have a big impact. with Dove Foaming Hand Wash with Pink Lotus & Rice Water scent, you can transform even the smallest cleansing moment into a pampering one. Inspired by nature, this foaming hand wash is infused with the scent of pink lotus and rice water to make every wash a moment of comfort. Even moisturizing hand soap can dry out your skin and strip it of moisture, so just imagine what regular liquid hand soap can do to your hands. This Dove hand wash doesn't just clean. with 5x more moisturizers than the leading liquid hand soap, our foaming hand soap nourishes your skin as well as purifying, so your hands are left soft, smooth and delicately fragranced. Alcohol, dye and sulfate-free, with 100% gentle cleansers, the caring and gentle hand wash formula leaves your skin feeling nourished and helps to soothe away dry skin on hands, too. Just the thing to make a little moment one you look forward to all day. For a pampering, delicate boost, pump Dove Foaming Hand Wash with Pink Lotus & Rice Water scent into wet hands. Massage the creamy hand wash into your hands, and then rinse for hands that are both cleansed and cared for.