Fluffy Flower Rug

At Etsy
MiqnaStudio proudly presents ultra soft and fluffy shaggy flower mats which will add comfort and style to your space. This is a high-quality flower shaped mat that can be used in multiple areas of your house. If you are to use them in your bathroom, it will be perfect for absorbing water. It dries really quickly and it doesn't leave or cause bad odours. It can also be cleaned easily. Feeling pampered has never been easier! 100% Acrylic Antibacterial Non-slip natural latex sole. 100% hand-made. Comfortable and soft. Resistant to detrition. It preserves its beautiful appearance for long years. Produced with acrylic yarn. SIZE: Diameter: 90 cm (35.4 inches) Yarn Pile Height: 18-30 mm (0.7-1.18 inches) COLOR OPTIONS: Pink, Blue, Gray, Green and Purple WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C. Please don’t bleach. Dries easily and doesn’t cause bad odours. This fluffy and ultra soft flower shaped rug set will bring color and style to your space. It is also a perfect gift for those who love fun and cute decorative items in their spaces! *For a short amount of time, the shipping time for the Pink Flower carpet will be 14 days, please order with this in mind. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Please contact us if you have any questions!