Floating Bookshelves

At Walmart
From books and collectables to candles and potted plants, maintaining a tidy home isn’t always easy. Add to that the limited space of a dorm room or apartment, and keeping yourself organized can feel like an impossible task. Conquer the clutter and pull your whole home together with a pair of Floating Bookshelves from Wallniture! Our floating metal shelf is a simple, practical way to store and display your books, toys and knick-knacks. Measuring 17" x 6" x 3.5” each, they’re perfect for small rooms and dorms as they allow you to use space more efficiently. But with their sleek, modern design, our shelves are more than just functional! Their elegant floating effect adds a touch of style to any room while the neutral color palette matches all types of décor. For all-in-one convenience, we’re including 8 screws and 8 wall anchors with each order. But please note that some wall materials may require hardware that’s not included. Wallniture is the brand shoppers trust when they want to turn their house into their home! Our shelves are crafted from premium quality metal, ensuring their strength and durability. To clean, wipe with a mild cleanser before drying with a soft cloth.