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Flash Lightning® Bleach Kit – 30 Volume Cream Developer

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GUILT-FREE GLAMOUR!® Before using any Manic Panic® Semi-Permanent Hair Color, pre-lighten your hair with Flash Lightning® Bleach to get the most intense color. This kit comes complete with: 1 dust-free bleach powder 1 30-volume cream developer 1 mixing tub 1 tint brush 1 plastic cap 1 set of plastic gloves and instructions for use. INSTRUCTIONS: The MANIC PANIC® FLASH LIGHTNING® bleach kit was designed for pre-lightening hair before using MANIC PANIC® vegan semi-permanent hair colors. Everything you need to lighten your hair is in this kit. Please follow the instructions carefully. We strongly recommend doing a strand test prior to application. (Take one strand of hair and follow instructions.) PREPARATIONS: 1. Wearing the enclosed gloves, open the bleach plastic bag. Avoid inhaling powder. 2. Empty the full contents of the bleach powder into the plastic tub provided . 3. Add the full contents of the developer to the bleach powder in the plastic tub. Using the provided brush, blend until all the powder is completely dissolved with no lumps. Mix and blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Let stand one minute. The mixture will thicken. 4. Apply the mixture to the hair avoiding direct contact with the scalp. * It is important to use all the developer and mix using only the brush provided. Do not use any metal instruments. APPLICATION: Hair should be dry and unwashed. Using the provided brush, apply the bleach mixture evenly to hair you wish bleached. All strands should be saturated using the brush or gloved fingers to spread the mixture evenly. You may mask hair you don’t wish to bleach by using a highlight cap or foil. DEVELOPING: Use of enclosed plastic cap is recommended through the developing process. The length of the timing depends on the color and condition of the hair. Check hair at regular intervals during the development process as timing varies according to the degree of desired lightening. Check strand every 10 minutes to evaluate lift. To do so, remove plastic cap and wipe away mixture with a dam