L'Oreal Paris

Flash Cat Eyeliner

At Target
L'Oreal Paris introduces Flash Cat Eye Waterproof All Day Liquid Eyeliner. This brush tip eyeliner has a removal wing stencil to help achieve precise wings in a flash. Liquid liner look can be achieved with or without a stencil. Packaging may vary. What you receive may not be what is reflected on site.Step 1: Position open part of stencil at the outer edge of the eye. Lay flat to skin. Step 2: Fill in the stencil to draw the wing. Step 3: Remove the stencil from outer edge of eye. Step 4: Continue line across your eyelid.Eye cosmetics in a scratched, infected or irritated eye and scratches from cosmetic eye applicators can lead to eye damage, and in extreme cases, even blindness. If your eye is scratched, stop using all eye cosmetics and go to an ophthalmologist immediately. Never apply this product in a moving vehicle.