Lora DiCarlo

Filare Clitoral Massager

At Babeland
The Filare massager is probably the closest you’ll come to replicating the feel of your lover’s mouth on your body. This revolutionary pleasure product features dual stimulating points that mimic the sensation of a tongue circling and stroking its way across your erogenous zones. It’s fully customizable controls let you determine the right amount of stimulation needed to bring you over the edge. Explore settings that go from slow and steady to earth-shakenly good. Its ergonomic design fits so comfortably in the palm of your hand that you won’t know where it starts and you finish. What makes the rechargeable Filare different from other massagers that simulate oral sex, is that its features 3-dimensional beads that rotate circularly while simultaneously extending outward. This unique blend of motions is what sets it apart from other products. Filare also lets you control how far the stimulating nubs press through the soft silicone. While this waterproof massager was designed mainly for clitoral stimulation, it can also be used as a tool for sensory exploration on a plethora of erogenous zones. Apply the massaging beads to your wrists, the back of your neck, or even on the penis. While Filare doesn’t vibrate, the combination of oscillation and intense pulsations can replicate the best elements of a vibrating sex toy.