Fairholme for Kitri

Fairholme For Kitri Taper Candles (set Of 4)

At Kitri
With up to five hours burn time, Fairholme's taper candles are hand-crafted using a traditional candle dipping technique, and made with a luxury blend of bees and soya wax. Each candle set is wrapped in two-tone luxury tissue paper and finished with the Fairholme for KITRI seal making it perfect for all gifting opportunities (FYI, self-gifting is also a thing, you know). Your party schedule may be on hold for a while, but 'The KITRI Girls' set gives you the perfect excuse to get dressed up, pour a drink, light your candles and hunker down at home. As all Fairholme candles are hand-dipped, using a traditional candle making technique. Each candle is unique in shapes and size. The colours also vary due to the nature of the hand made process. To get the very best from your candle: *Ensure your candle is securely set upright in a candlestick holder of your choice. *Trim the wick to 0.5 cm before each burn - this will allow the flame to burn clean and produce less smoke. *Between each burn allow wax to solidify before relighting. *Burn time is approximately 5 hours. *As this is a natural product, you may notice excess wax melting down the side of your candle. This is normal, please ensure to protect your surfaces from the wax. Safety information: * Leave 10cm distance between your burning candles. * Do not burn in a draft. * Place candle upright. * Do not move a burning candle.