Face Sunscreen Serum + Makeup Primer, Spf 35

What if protecting skin with SPF didn?t mean settling for a greasy, oily feel? What if looking younger didn?t mean relying on makeup or a really thorough scrub? What if the SPF number on the bottle was the exact protection you were promised? Better yet, what if wearing SPF wasn?t like wearing SPF at all? Introducing Olay Sun Face Sunscreen Serum + Makeup Primer with SPF 35 protection?an innovative solution that delivers all of the above and more. Inspired by Asian Blocker technology, this simple-ingredient serum absorbs quickly to mattify skin so it?s primed and ready for your makeup routine. Even better, it?s an SPF light enough to pair with your go-to daily moisturizer so you never have to negotiate skin care?s No. 1 nonnegotiable step. SPF 35 SERUM: Protects skin from UVA & UVB rays & antioxidant complex protects from damaging free radicals.MAKEUP PRIMER: Mattifying face sunscreen absorbs quickly & keeps makeup from smudging & fading all day.BARELY THERE FEEL: Leaves skin looking refreshed with no greasy, oily look, no white cast & no smell.REGIMEN RESET: The last step in your skin care regimen & first in your makeup routine for healthy-looking skin at the source.LESS IN, MORE OUT: Oil-free formula with fewer ingredients like SolaSheer Technology, antioxidants, Vitamin B3 & Vitamin E.SPF FOR ALL: Blends with any skin tone thanks to its super translucent formula.