Face Spf 30

At FeelUnique
In the fight against premature ageing and skin cancers, it is no longer enough to rely on the SPF in your foundation. Restore moisture levels and reduce the appearance of sun damaged ageing. Thanks to its fast absorbing and non-greasy texture, this suncream can be worn underneath makeup, acting as a primer. Ideal for even the most sensitive of skins, it protects delicate facial skin from the sun's harmful rays.  Made with advanced lamellar technology, once a day protection can be achieved. As well as incredibly fast absorbing all Ultrasun products have a minimum of 85% UVA absorbance - With 90% in the SPF 30. After cleansing and toning, apply Ultrasun as you wish. Wait for at least 20 minutes before sun exposure, ensuring protection is fully absorbed. Then, add any other cosmetics as desired. We recommend regular shade breaks. Be sure to take shade breaks every 1-2 hours and avoid the hottest part of the day. Be sure to enter our Shop Skincare discount code 'SKI20' to save 20% off ALL Ultrasun Face products!