Face Masks, Disposable Face Masks, 100 Pack

[ Disposable Face Masks ], Ultra Soft And Comfortable:- 3 layers of protection: non-woven filter ply + fiber ply + soft cotton. They are soft and comfortable ear hook masks, not easy to drop, no need to adjust it when you work. [ Face Masks ], Special Effective Barrier :- Disposable design are effective in protecting against dust and air pollution, safeguard your health. [ Masks ], Safe:- Perfect protection when travelling through congested airports, bus terminals, malls, parks , and busy city streets. [ Disposable Masks ], Effect:- Block particulate matter, dust and other inhalable fine particles. 3-ply disposable face mask, you can still carefree breathing. [ Dust Pollen and Haze Proof Protective Mask ], Super Great Value:- Big value face mask, Suitable for people: Cleaner, Builder, Farmer, Student. Non-Medical Mask, Made in China. Kindly Check Size before buying.