Ester-c Plus 1000mg Vitamin C Tablets

At Cult Beauty
If, like us, you can’t get enough of vitamin C – from your skin care to your supplements – these premium capsules make the perfect addition to your wellness regime. Free from salt, sugar and starch, this high strength formula delivers the health benefits of Solgar’s patented form of vitamin C in a once-daily tablet. Carefully formulated to be pH neutral and non-acidic, these capsules offer an easily digested supply of the hero vitamin that's perfect for sensitive stomachs. Ester-C is a specially crafted, superior form of vitamin C that is infused with natural plant bioflavonoids (that occur naturally alongside vitamin C in fruits and vegetables to maximise its benefits). Designed to encourage vitamin C retention – Ester-C’s metabolites help to retain the formula in your body’s immune cells for up to 24 hours – these capsules help to empower your immune system; encourage normal collagen formation; protect your cells from oxidative stress and help to ease feelings of fatigue.