Energy Light Box 10,000 Lux Adjustable Sad Therapy Lamp

At Stress No More
Anxiety reducing 100% UV-free LED SAD Lamp gives a powerful light source to naturally boost serotonin levels in your brain - known as 'the happiness hormone' serotonin boosts energy and mood 10,000 LUX illumination intensity effectively replicates sunlight and regulates melatonin levels for better sleep as well as stimulating production of serotonin Touch control with easy-dimmable brightness setting, timer function which means you can accurately treat yourself with light therapy and take the guesswork out of it. Suitable for SAD light treatment, sun-downing and regulating natural circadian rhythms which helps improve sleep, sleepiness, wakefulness and hunger. Features 3 lighting colours including: warm white, cool white, and natural light, so you can personalise the light that is right for you and tailor it to the time of day that you use the light therapy treatment. Adjustable stand for a perfect treatment angle so if you use it while in bed in the morning, or in the afternoon at your computer you get the maximum Lux light exposure