Empty Spray Bottles 35ml

Empty 35ML (1.2oz) Clear Plastic Fine Mist Spray Bottle - Quantity: 4 (Mixed Color,4 differnt colors) - Color: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Light Pink, Fluorescent Yellow - A great empty bottle for all needs! - It is a great convenient, portable size! These refillable bottles are great for cleaning sprays, rubbing alcohol for first aid kits, oils, fragrances, water based face products, hair products and more! - Directs an accurate stream of cleaning fluid towards any surface you wish to cleanse. - With a compact and sturdy build you can keep one in your office, vanity, desk, purse and bag or anywhere you like! Features - Ergonomic 35ml (1.2oz) bottle provides comfortable use. - Tight threading prohibits any leaking. - High tolerance level to high pressure. - Spring-loaded button ensures sufficient liquid to be sprayed. Uses Air freshener Acetone Rubbing Alcohol Hydrogen Peroxide Oils Paint Alcohol ink Windex Bleach Cleaning Solutions Insect repellent Toner Makeup Sprays Fragrances ENJOY A PROFESSIONAL LOOK FOR YOUR PERSONAL PRODUCTS AND GIFTS The same high quality bottles used by top fragrance and essential oil brands. Use them for your own unique blends - whether at home or traveling - and take pride in their professional appearance when giving gifts to friends or selling your creations.