Eau Rose Hand And Body Lotion

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Add to favourites EAU ROSE HAND AND BODY LOTION This limited edition Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion, printed with the Roses Collection pattern, celebrates the Centifolia rose and the Damascena rose. A study in contrasts, this lotion is both lightly milky and yet moisturizing, imparting a silky yet complex rose scent to the skin. Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion is a study in contrasts. Lightly milky and yet moisturizing, it captures the silky yet complex quality of the rose scent. Its delicate fragrance is enhanced by tart green and subtle lemon notes, almost as if a playful zest of citrus fruit came to wake a rose's slumber. diptyque delves into the history of perfume, reinventing textures to create new ways to wear scent and striving to make fragrance--so often invisible and ethereal--tangible and tactile. Whether an eau de toilette, perfume oil roll-on, body mist, or body balm, each item in the collection is specifically designed to provide the ideal amount of fragrance appropriate to its form and texture. As a result, the concentration of scent in each product may provide sufficient fragrance on its own, depending on the mood and the moment. Fragrance in all its forms...