Dyson Origin Handheld Vacuum

At Walmart
Dyson V6 Trigger Origin Handheld Vacuum The V6 Trigger handheld vacuum is powered by the latest in Dyson digital motor technology. The Dyson digital motor v6 is a digitally controlled motor that spins up to 3 times faster than conventional motors. ItjQuery1110013666676588327298_1563743634496?s small size means that the machines it powers can be small, light and powerful. 15 cyclones arranged across two tiers work in parallel to generate high centrifugal forces that spin fine dust out of the airflow???straight into the bin. The V6 Trigger weighs less than 4 lbs. The ergonomic design of the handle fits naturally into the shape of the hand. The center of gravity is located towards the grip making it easy to handle. It includes a charger, a combination tool for dusting and a crevice tool for tight spaces in the home or car. The V6 Trigger is covered by a 2-year warranty, parts and labor.