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Doxy Die Cast Massager

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The Doxy Die Cast is an outlet powered magic wand style massager which means when it arrives it is ready to plug in and play. You never need to worry about running out of charge at the wrong moment. The massager’s head is covered with silicone, giving it a large comfortable surface area that conducts the powerful vibrations to your body. The massager's body is made from high-grade aluminum/titanium alloy. Easy to clean and care for - simply wipe down with a wet wipe after use. And it isn’t just a solo toy, our happy users tell us how much they enjoy using it to give their partner pleasure or watching them as they play with it themselves. Whether alone or with someone else the Doxy Die Cast is fast becoming the nation’s favourite magic wand massager. Doxy is the only wand massager with a controlled pulse setting. Taking the rumbly vibrations from low, to high and back again and at variable speed settings, it adds a whole new dimension to your experience.  Vibration Modes: Variable spectrum with + and - controls, from 3000 rpm to 9000 rpm  Length: 11” Width: 1.77” Power cord: 10 ft