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Doing It All Auteur Matte Lip Color

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AUTEUR MATTE LIP COLOR COLLECTION Consciously harmonizing elegant and daring shades, the Auteur Matte Lip Color Collection keeps old world glamour pulsing in the present. Infused with natural oils such as argan and jojoba our formula delivers an ultra-bold and matte lip delivering decadent color without compromising soft kissable lips. Inspired by women in the arts and named after iconic moments in film, each original color encourages you to shed the constraints of tradition and embrace uniqueness. Color: Nude with pink undertones SCENE Your babysitter showed up early, bless her soul, and she’s already got the kids doing crafts in the other room. With a couple of quiet minutes left before you hit the town, you smile and reflect on what a great week it was. After a final touch of mascara, you decide to whip out your most reliable lip color. It’s the one that shines whether you’re working at the office or working it on the dance floor. As you blow kisses on your way out the front door, everything about you screams, ‘I have, I can, and I will.’ ‘Doing It All’ is the peachy nude lipstick of your dreams, with all of the pigment and sass, and none of the parabens, alcohols, sulfates, or nasty history of animal testing. NET WT. 0.14 OZ. 4.2g