Loungefly Disney Minnie Mouse Bow Mini Faux Leather Backpack

In a world of black coats, purses, and shoes life can -get pretty dull. And that's just not fair, -life is full of color, fun, and excitement! Don't get us wrong. We understand what it's like to fall into the black -accessory -loop. Black accoutrements -go with everything! Here's a secret, well actually, it's not really a secret you can tell people if you so choose. Black doesn't have to be boring. The purse is a classy black, sure, but with a perky twist. The bag is the perfect size to bring along your wallet, phone, and a little snack. It has a unique shape with a -squared-out -bottom, ears at the top, and an adorable splash of color in Minnie's instantly recognizable polka-dot bow. The bag has a large main pocket as well as one main front pocket and two slot pockets on each side. The secondary pocket in the front of the bag is detailed with Mickey heads in a quilted pattern. The plaque under the red bow announces Minnie Mouse in graceful lettering. - - Turns out, in a world of black coats, purses, and shoes you can leave boring behind -while -bringing along your -Knick -knacks and -remaining -perfectly -chic! - - Backpack