Dinosaur Taco Holder

ROARSOME DINNER DINO – Make dinner time fun with this Kenley dinosaur taco holder. Designed for kids and adults alike, the stand holds 2 standard tacos, making it easy to fill and eat the delicious yet tricky treat. This taco holder is a great help in the kitchen or at the dinner table, making it a fun yet useful gift. REDUCE PICKY EATING – Kids (and grown ups!) are more likely to eat a meal if they’re excited about it and get to help make it. Give even picky eaters a new interest in dinner time with this quirky dino taco stand as it makes filling your own tacos much easier, as well as providing a fun way to serve foods. DINOSAUR PARTY STAR – If your kids love dinosaurs, this friendly taco-munching dinosaur will be a hit at any party. Designed to hold 2 taco shells, the dino can also be used to serve nachos, waffles, hot dogs, sandwiches, veggie sticks or other snacks, either in individual portions or as a fun serving dish on a buffet table. EASY TO USE & EASY TO CLEAN – Dishwasher safe, this taco dinosaur easily splits into 2 pieces for deep cleaning. With a mouth that holds itself open at almost any angle, kids and adults can easily use this dinosaur taco stand to make their own tacos, a serving dish, or as a dish to eat from. FOOD SAFE & BPA-FREE – All Kenley brand products are designed and tested to make sure they meet or exceed relevant safety standards. The Kenley Dinosaur Taco Head is made from FDA-approved food safe materials and is BPA-free. Do not use to heat or reheat food. Do not put in microwave or oven. Make meals fun again Give even picky eaters a new interest in dinner time with this quirky dinosaur taco holder. With a mouth that stays open at almost any angle, the Kenley Dinosaur Taco Head lets you easily prepare and eat 2 standard size tacos. Kids will love preparing their own food and even picky eaters are more likely to enjoy a meal when its served in a fun way. Designed for tacos, this serving dish can also be used for serving hot dogs, nachos, veggie sticks, fries, waffles, and more. It