Digital Alarm Clock With 10w Wireless Charging And Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker - It is not only a alarm clock,but also a bluetooth speaker.Dual speakers support mobile phone, tablet, computer Bluetooth connection 10 meters transmission distance. 10W Wireless charging - This smart digital alarm clock has the ability to charge most smart phone and other devices that have the option of wireless charging.It provide convenience for you to place and charge your phone at the same time. 3 independent alarm clocks - You can set max three alarms to better wake you up.Alarm setting could be set for everyday or working day.The ringing time of each alarm clock is one minute. Smart LED Display & 3 Brightness - This alarm clock wood will display time (12 hr or 24 hr), temperature (°C/ °F) and humidity.The LED clock has 3 levels of brightness with premium quality of lighting. You can choose the most comfortable brightness for your eyes. Voice sensor function - When the voice sensor function is on,the screen will display when the sound is more than 60db.When the voice sensor function is off,the screen will keep turning on.