Denim Midi Skirt

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Organic cotton, or Ecologically Grown Cotton, is grown using natural fertilisers and pesticides. Using these natural farming methods is more respectful of water and local biodiversity, allowing farmers to grow cotton crops alongside other food crops such as oranges, tomatoes or turmeric. Furthermore, plantations where organic cotton, or Ecologically Grown Cotton, is grown avoid the use of genetically modified seeds, thus helping to preserve seed biodiversity and soil fertility. Certifications We only use organic cotton certified by organisations which monitor the process from the raw material to the final product. At present, we work with: Organic Content Standard (OCS) Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Environmental benefits Produced using organic farming methods Produced using natural pesticides and fertilisers that help to preserve freshwater resources Produced using natural farming techniques that help to preserve biodiversity Produced without genetically modified seeds