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What It Is flirtatious red crème The New Healthy Alternative to Gel Polish Combining the technology of Gel Lab Pro with nail color, this dual-patented formula with 10 active ingredients helps deliver Health, Wear, & Shine. For best results, use Gel Lab Pro base and top coat. Benefits Delivers health, wear, and shine. Key Ingredients Evening Primrose: An omega-6 fatty acid that helps reduce moisture loss. Biotin: B vitamin that helps stimulate keratin production. Keratin: A protein and the main building block of nails. Nonychosine F: Supports strength and resilience to fortify weak and brittle nails. Green Tea Extract: An antioxidant that protects nails from damage by free radicals. Aucoumea: Deters ridges from forming. Platinum Powder: Resists wear. Epoxy Resin: Fuses with laquer to bind layers together. Silk Fibers: Evens out the nail plate for a smooth finish. Plexi Glass: Creates the appearance of real glass.