Loli Beauty

Date Nut Brûlée

At Cult Beauty
A 3-in-1 balm of near-magical moisturising capabilities, LOLI Beauty's Date Nut Brûlée feeds your face, hair and limbs with replenishing fatty acids, protective vitamin E and nourishing minerals to boost softness and suppleness. With a velvety, dessert-like texture that feels like a treat to apply, this decadent balm is infused with date nut seed oil - a natural extract which was once used to anoint Egyptian royalty - to lend the vegan formula its nourishing and protective qualities. The robust extract comes from the dattier du desert tree which is known for its resilient ability to grow in harsh climates and unforgiving desert soils and is sourced from a union of women’s groups in West Africa. Not only that, the formula harnesses softening olive oil and rejuvenating tamanu oil to lavish your skin with skin-plumping fatty acids, vitamins and minerals (think: calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc). The results? When used on your skin, you'll be obsessed with the youthful glow it imparts; as for your strands, it makes for an effective texturising and conditioning paste for the tips. You can even use it to remove tough-to-shift waterproof make up!