Crystal Set Beginner 10 Starter Stones

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Crystal set of 10 genuine high quality stones essential for any collection. These are beautiful one inch stones in a combination of tumbled, rough, points, etc. My Crystal Guide, featuring images of each crystal and their properties, printed on full color on quality 4”x6” card stock is included in every crystal set. You will receive one of each of the following: Clear Quartz, power and healing Citrine, motivation, positivity and wealth Amethyst, clarity, productivity, focus and prosperity Selenite, positive energy, happiness, security Black Tourmaline, protection and positive energy Rose Quartz, love in all of its forms, confidence and healing Carnelian, creativity and motivation Green Aventurine, good luck, wealth and communication Tiger’s Eye success, protection, guidance and wealth Smoky Quartz, grounding, protection and stability A perfect Mother’s Day gift or birthday present for crystal lovers. This set is perfect for those starting to collect crystals or seasoned collectors to give as a gift set or add to their own collection. Please let me know if you have any requests and I will accommodate to the best of my ability! BUILD UP YOUR SET The following crystals are available to add: Lepidolite, Rhodonite, Blue Apatite, Epidote, Amazonite, Sodalite, Mookaite, Pyrite, Iolite, Jasper, Hematite, Desert Rose, Agate, Shungite, Labradorite, Unakite, Obsidian, Howlite, Fluorite, Blue Calcite, Green Calcite, Orange Calcite, Honey Calcite, Lapis Lazuli, Serpentine, Petrified Wood, Red Tiger’s Eye