Crispy Crust Pizza Maker

Top and bottom heating elements elevate the heating stone to a fierce 660°, replicating a brick oven environment. Choose thin to thick dough setting and watch through a viewing window as your creation comes alive. 12” PIZZA IN ONLY 6 MINUTESSimilar to an intense brick-oven level heat, your pizza will be ready before you're done setting the table.BRICK OVEN CONDITIONSTop and bottom heating elements turn up the heat to 660° so your pizza will get fired up the right way.VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROLNo two pizzas are alike. Choose from thin to thick setting and get the same delicious result for different styles. The low setting is ideal for reheating pizza, garlic bread and warming flat bread.PIZZA STONEThe included 12” pizza stone absorbs moisture and ensures evenly distributed heat for a crispy delicious crust.