The Ordinary

Coverage Concealer

At Adore Beauty
A full-coverage concealer, with a natural, skin-like finish - would you expect anything less from a brand like The Ordinary? These guys know how to create fantastic, affordable products - and their latest concealer is no different. With 21 shades across a multitude of undertones to choose from, your new favourite concealer is moments away. What are the benefits of The Ordinary Concealer? Full coverage, skin-like-finish concealer. Perfect for concealing blemishes or discolouration. High-spreadability with a real skin finish. Thin nozzle applicator for precise, easy application. Resists collection in fine lines. Suitable for use with finger, brush or beauty sponge. 21 shades across four tones. How do I pick my colour for The Ordinary Coverage Concealer? Do the shades of The Ordinary Concealer match The Ordinary Serum or Coverage Foundation? The Ordinary Coverage Concealer currently comes in 21 shades - but navigating them is quite easy once you know how! Firstly, if you have a great match in The Ordinary foundation - you will find that the concealer is slightly lighter compared to the offerings within The Ordinary Serum and Coverage foundations. Otherwise, choose your depthy of colour - 1 for light tones, 2 for medium tones, 3 for medium deep shades and 4 for deep tones. The number after the period dictates further how deep the shade is within the initial range. Finally, choose your undertone - Pink/Red for cooler undertones, N for a Neutral undertone and Y for a warm undertone. What skin types is The Ordinary Concealer best suited to and what coverage does it offer? The Ordinary Coverage Concealer will suit all skin types, although due to the high coverage, has a slightly matte finish - so those with dry or dehydrated skin types will want to prepare the skin well with plenty of hydration. The Ordinary Coverage Concealer offers a full coverage finish. How do I use The Ordinary Coverage Concealer? As The Ordinary Coverage Concealer offers exceptional coverage, we would recommend applying a pin-sized amount to the area you wish to cover - less is more in this instance! Blend out using your finger in a patting motion, a beauty blender or a brush, working to stipple out the edge of the coverage for a natural finish.