Core Active Dri-more Bike Short

At Walmart
Imagine yourself out on the long open road. It’s just you, your bike and your thoughts. Thoughts of discomfort caused by wearing unsuitable fitness apparel should not puncture this type of relaxation. Cue Danskin Now Women’s Core Active Dri-More Bike Shorts, fitness shorts that feature all the necessary qualities in biking and sport shorts. They act like a second skin- comfortable and fitted to move with you as you move through your exercise routine. The luxuriously soft cotton-spandex fabric blend equals long-lasting durability, withstanding the elements of nature and repeated exercise and wear. Spandex gives it the stretchiness needed for wide range of motions, still keeping with an attractive, fitted silhouette. With Dri-More moisture wicking technology, you will also remain comfortably dry. The shorts are breathable, cleanly absorbing sweat and preventing built-up moisture. With a fitted elastic waistband and a tag-free label, chafing is also averted, a common cause of disruption especially during those long-distance runs. These shorts also work as a protective baselayer to wear beneath clothes. For biking, working out, for sport or for simply hanging out, Danskin Now Women’s Core Active Dri-More Bike Shorts measure up in every way imaginable.