compagnie de provence

Compagnie De Provence Liquid Marseille Soap Black Tea 500ml

At Adore Beauty
You’re in a French salon, adorned with tiny glimmering black-and-white mirror finish tiles. The chatter of interesting people and the clatter of expensive knives against expensive china tinkles across the room as you bring a tea cup of hot, black tea with hints of blackberry up to your lips. OK, maybe not. Maybe you’ve just downed the last of your cold coffee before you wash up and head out the door. But why not indulge in a moment of French-inspired rest and self care while you still can? With chic-packaging that looks “just-so” in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room and a “does-all” formula that makes it an excellent hand soap, body cleanser and occasional clothing or floor-wash, you’ll fall in love with Compagnie de Provence’s beautiful liquid soaps.