Climate Beneficial Wool Mattress Topper

At Coyuchi
A mattress topper can be the secret to making your bed a comfy, custom retreat. This one is made with wool for soft support and insulation. Wool is naturally non-allergenic and dust-mite resistant, making it perfect for those with allergies and skin sensitivities. It is renowned as a temperature regulator in both warm and cool weather, and it naturally moves moisture. In a mattress topper, this means you’ll stay more comfortable whatever the weather. In cold, your bed feels warmer when you get in and warms up faster than with a down topper. And in hot weather, sweat is wicked away to keep you dry. The wool topper also provides soft, comfortable support, but it’s not plush like a feather bed. Unlike synthetic memory foam, wool is resilient—it will keep its shape without molding to your body. The Climate Beneficial Wool Topper is meant to be used directly on top of the mattress, underneath the mattress cover and mattress pad, not directly under your sheet. Straps go around each corner of your mattress to keep the topper in place. The topper is filled with Climate Beneficial Wool sourced from a ranch in Bodega Bay, just 12 miles from our Point Reyes birthplace. We send it to a historic Michigan woolen mill where the wool is washed with biodegradable soap and rinsed with water from nearby Lake Huron. After air drying, the wool is then transferred to the mill’s original antique carding machines, which use steam and humidity in place of chemicals to finish the topper.