Clear Acrylic Bathtub Caddy With Rust-proof Stainless Steel Handles

If you love Reading a Great Book and Soaking in a Warm Bubble Bat while sipping a drink and having a place to set your mobile phone nearby, then You’ll Love our Best Acrylic Tub Caddy- the strong, clear, See-Through Acrylic Surface lets you Enjoy Colorful Bath Bombs or Bubbles. The Smart Design of this Large Portable Bathroom Rack is a great addition to a Relaxing Luxury Bath where you can keep your e-reader, tablet, and cell phone close by- there is Room for Your Favorite Beverage too . Designed to Last, you’ll appreciate the Generous Size of this Sturdy Caddy with room to set your grooming supplies, such as razors, shaving cream, tweezers, a mirror, fingernail clippers, and more- it’s Easy to Relax while bathing when you have what you need nearby . High-Quality Stainless Steel and Rust-Proof Handles add an elegant design accent while also being Functional- clear acrylic design is Perfect for any Décor because it seamlessly blends into any bathroom style . This caddy is 33 inches long and 9 inches deep, and Fits most Bathtubs- convenient handles make it easy to place the caddy across your tub and it Won’t Scratch the Bathtub’s Surface- it’s the Perfect Gift for the Bath Lover in your life .