Cleansing Face Wipes For Sensitive Skin (15 Pack)

TRAVEL FACE WIPES - Perfect for on-the-go facial cleansing. Aloe and Caffeine reduce redness and calms your skin after a long flight, drive, or run! WORKOUT WIPES - Perfect for use after a workout to wipe away the sweat and remove oil and Impurities leaving your skin feeling fresh & rejuvenated. BRIGHTEN, MOISTURIZE, REPAIR - Hyaluronic acid brightens and moisturizes your skin while Eucalyptus stimulates skin repair. These wipes are good for removing everyday makeup SOOTHING CHAMOMILE OIL EXTRACTS - After a busy day, relax your skin with natural chamomile which soothes your skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED - Lightly scented and Alcohol free, these wipes do not clog pores and are safe to use on all skin types, even sensitive skin.