Claus Porto

Claus Porto Deco Soap Box Of 9 Set

Details: Includes nine individually wrapped 1.7oz soaps (Voga Acacia Tuberose, Elite Tonka Imperial, Chypre Cedar Poinsettia, Alface Almond Oil, Banho Citron Verbena, Deco Lime Basil, Favorito Red Poppy, Madrigal Water Lily and Cerina Brise Marine) in a gold gift box. 100-percent vegetable base easily biodegrades. No harsh chemicals or preservatives. No animal testing. The assortment in this gift box features a selection of 9 soaps of the Deco range. Vega, LaFalce, Favorite, Elite, Banjo, Madrigal, Chypre, Deco and Carina are the soaps presented in this coffer contains 9 50g bars They offer an aromatic and colorful journey across the multiple fragrances and patterns offered in this assortment.