Chewable Vitamin C Gummies (2 Pack)

(120 Gummies | 2 Month Supply) - Vit C Gummy Supplement Made in USA 3-In-1 Potent Immune Support Supplement - Dakota combines Chewable Vitamin C with antioxidant supplements and immunity boosting ingredients to make a powerful immune support Gummy that caters to Women, Men, Teens, Kids, Children of any age. Vitamina C 250mg for Adults Kids - We formulated the perfect daily dosage gummy of enough Vitamin C that's the equivalent of a Vitamin C 1000mg chewable powder tablet or 500mg vit c liquid drops. Each serving is gluten free, non GMO pure Vitamin C to maximize effectiveness for each age group. Pure Vegan Vitimin. C Gummies - Finally a healthy plant based immunity support system vitamin that kids will love and adults will mistake for candy; additionally these zinc vitamin c gummies have an absorption rate that's twice as fast as chewable tablets or zinc lozenge and three times as fast as echinacea tea and vitamin c capsules or pills. three times as fast as echinacea tea and vitamin c capsules or pills. Chewable Vitamine C Allergy Support - Whether it's winter time, you're traveling, or your schedule is packed with strenuous activities, these Immune Support gummies will help your body keep up and even recover faster. The strong antioxidants in these Vit C Gummies are your body's reliable shields in any time of the year. GMP Certified - Our cGMP state of the art facility in the USA undergoes meticulous testing and inspections to ensure safe, reliable, and top of the line quality vitamin supplements; Every ingredient in our gummies is tested for purity and safety to ensure 100% effectiveness. If you're not satisfied then we're not satisfied. Please don't hesitate to contact us 24-7 with any questions or concerns.