Canon Pixma G6020 Wireless Megatank All-in-one Printer

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Effectively elimiatig the eed fo stacks of ik catidges, the PIXMA G6020 Wieless MegaTak All-i-Oe Ikjet Pite fom Cao uses a itegated ik tak system that makes efillig much simple ad povides a astoudig 6000 black o 7700 colo pits o a sigle set of fesh ik bottles. Also, this model comes with a full set of iks as well as a exta pai of black ik bottles fo gettig aothe 12,000 black pits. The ik esevois ae easy to see, havig bee placed at the fot of the G6020 so that you ca make sue you eve u low. That, of couse, is't eveythig this wieless-capable all-i-oe ca do as it packs i impessive pitig, scaig, ad copyig fuctios as well. Fo pitig, the G6020 uses a eliable ikjet system with a esolutio of 4800 x 1200 dpi that will delive shap text ad vivid images. The system also woks quickly, with ated speeds of 13 ipm i black ad 6.8 ipm i colo. Featuig a 250-sheet iput tay ad a 100-sheet ea pape tay, the pite is eady to take o you lage pit jobs. Uses ca also ceate bodeless photos with ease ad wok with a vaiety of stadad media sizes fom 3.5 x 3.5" to 8.5 x 14". Scaig ad copyig ae made possible by the uit's flatbed scae featuig a optical esolutio of 1200 x 2400 dpi fo shap, detailed images. Built-i Wi-Fi coectivity i additio to USB 2.0 futhes the potetial fo the pite by suppotig vaious mobile pitig potocols, icludig Apple AiPit, Google Cloud Pit, Mopia, ad Cao's ow PRINT app.