Buffalo Games

Buffalo Games Chronology – The Game Where You Make History – 20th Anniversary Edition

Think you know which came first – the invention of mayonnaise or decaffeinated coffee? Lincoln’s Gettysburg address or John Deere’s first plow? Test your knowledge with Chronology by Buffalo Games – the game of all time! In Chronology, each player builds his or her own timeline of cards. On your turn, someone will read you a historical event from a card. You decide where that event falls in your timeline. If you are right, you keep the card and your timeline grows. The first player to build a timeline of 10 cards wins! Recommended for 2 to 8 players, ages 14+. Contents include 429 double-sided cards with 858 events. From the Manufacturer Chronology: The Game of All Time. Build your own timeline using 858 events. When was the bikini introduced? Before or after the Gettysburg Address? Before or after man lands on the moon? The first person to assemble a timeline of ten cards wins - and now you're playing Chronology.