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Buff ‘n’ Glow

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Universal Application Mitt No time to shower? Dry exfoliate! The brand new Buff ‘N Glow Mitt by world renowned tanner to the stars Jimmy Coco, will remove lotions, soap residue and dead skin cells with dry exfoliation. Buff ‘n’ Glow is the ultimate full body mitt that combines BOTH pre-tan prep with self-tan application in one handy tool. The exfoliating side enables you to buff your skin to perfection while staying dry for immediate product application. Featuring two levels, the top of the mitt is made for courser exfoliation for tougher areas like elbows, knees and heels, while the body of the mitt gives a medium level exfoliation for the rest of your skin. The application side enables you to apply your self tan flawlessly for a streak-free finish and features a waterproof inner lining.