Tea Drops x Hello Kitty

Bubble Tea Kit

At Tea Drops
Delicious bubble tea at home is only minutes away! English Breakfast Tea Drops (Caffeinated), Tapioca Pearls, and a reusable rose gold boba straw. This kit makes for the perfect gift for boba enthusiasts and Hello Kitty Fans alike. In your box, find what you need for 8 servings of delectable bubble tea! 8 English Breakfast Tea Drops (perfect for milk tea), 2 packs of Boba (2-4 servings each depending on your preference!), and a reusable boba tea straw packed together in a sturdy, and ready to gift box. Please note that our teas have a shelf life of over year while the Boba shelf life is 2 months. It is best to consume and enjoy before expiration. Our Tea Drops are made with only organic teas and spices: No Additives - No Artificial Flavorings - Sweetened With a Teaspoon of Sugar