Blue Rainbow Stash Jar

At Etsy
Fine little jar with well-fitted natural cork lid. Holds about 3 oz. Please see photo with ruler for scale! All materials used for this item are lead-free and FOOD SAFE, DISHWASHER SAFE and MICROWAVE SAFE Entirely handmade with sturdy stoneware, each piece is therefore unique! All photos are taken in an effort to portray the colors as accurately as possible. Glaze colors may vary from screen to screen. Glaze colors also vary in natural lighting vs indoor, artificial lighting. Take your piece out into the natural light to see its full glory. These items are all handmade by one person, me! /waves There may be small variations. If there are any issues with your order, please contact me first before leaving feedback. Breakages in the mail will be refunded or replaced. Any mistakes on my part will be addressed and corrected promptly. Shipping is estimated, overpayment will be refunded. Shipping may seem high, but please understand that ceramic is relatively heavy, and it will be packaged securely to reduce the risk of breakage in transit. I do not charge a handling fee. Please see my shop FAQ for further details. Most of all: Thank you!