Blossom Wooden Framed Paint By Numbers

Feature Painting By Numbers kit is an ideal introduction to the pleasures of painting, regardless of experience or age. It is the perfect first step for the beginners to enjoy the painting artwork. Simply apply the numbered colors in the blanks with the same number on canvas to create your own masterpiece. Item Specifications Unfold Size: 16x20" (40x50cm) Frame: Just Canvas (Without Frame) / Canvas is Pre-mounted on a wooden frame (Wooden Framed) Instructions. 1. Find an flat surface object (such as desk), cover the surface with newspapers to aviod the acrylic paints staining the object surface. 2. Please prepare a bottle of water for brush washing. 3. Filled in the sections that are marked with numbers with the corresponding paints. 4. We suggest that you paint one color at a time, from the largest sections of this color to the smallest, starting from the upper parts of the painting.Clean the brush when you change to another color. Sugestions If you fill in a wrong color, you can wait the paint to dry and then cover the wrong part with the correct color more than once. Please cover the lids of paints tight when you do not use it, in case the paint dry up. For the shadow parts, please use the paint to fill in which without number marked If you choose to buy the "without frame" type, when you receive the item, we suggest that you unfold the canvas completely, then lie it on a flat object surface, then again put some books on the canvas about a day, the creases will be removed. You also can use an iron to wipe off the creases, please note the highest temperature had better not to exceed 80℃- / 176℉- Package Included 1 set of acrylic paints 1 x canvas (without frame) / wooden framed canvas (wooden frame) 3 x brush pen 2 x hooks 2 x screws