Blisshome Nadiya Hussain Mosaic Side Plate, 21cm, Green

At John Lewis
Product code: 68249004 A handcrafted stoneware plate with a colourful mosaic pattern. Ideal for gifting and to treasure, it's made of resilient stoneware and is microwave, dishwasher, freezer and oven safe for everyday use. The Nadiya Hussain tableware range from BlissHome is inspired by the chef's mother who cherished durable designs that could be mixed and matched over the years. Vibrant and eclectic, the range includes handcrafted ceramics with unique variations in pattern and colour. Choose the perfect china All our china is made from clay and kiln-fired for durability. Except for pieces with special trims, everything is dishwasher safe. Below are a few options to consider when choosing your perfect china. Earthenware Strong and practical, perfect for everyday. Its cream colour and low firing temperatures allow for designed pieces. Stoneware Tougher than earthenware and chip resistant. Ideal for heavy use and can often go into the oven to temperatures of up to 250°C. Terracotta Uses a clay with a rich body colour giving the characteristic base colour, and has a low glaze firing allowing bright coloured glazes. Porous body allows for good thermal expansion and contraction properties making it an ideal body for cookware such as tagines and roasters. Porcelain Delicate yet strong. Carefully selected clays give whiteness and translucency. It can often go from oven to table. Fine china The synthetic bone ash used in fine china makes it a more affordable alternative to bone china whilst maintaining the benefits - strength, translucency and delicacy. Bone china Bone china is made from 40% bone ash. This makes strong yet thin and delicate pieces which are microwave, dishwasher* and oven safe making each piece ideal for everyday use, not just formal. *Unless product has metallic details - always check individual item for specific care instructions