Blendjet 2 Portable Blender

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angelia d. convenient and easy to use Item type: Purple Jacqueline R. Love the size and color. It has alot of power. Item type: Woodland Camo George T. I absolutely love the blendjet! It's perfect for a single guy who just wants to easily portion out his protein shakes! Item type: Black Marble Laila M. So I needed a blender that could blend up ice for my meal replacement b/c im never home, I saw this blender on social media. It was free shipping during the time and on sale plus I think it was money back guarantee if you're not happy. So all the signs were pointing for me to have this blender. Once when I received the Blendjet 2 it has been extremely satisfying. It's lightweight that holds up to 14 oz and super duper easy to clean. I couldn't ask for anything better! 10/10 definitely recommend... Item type: White Marble Imani B. I absolutely love the Blendjet. I’m a Flight Attendant who loves her daily smoothies and protein shakes. It’s perfect plus a travel case to protect it ❤️ Item type: Walnut Julie W. IM a road warrior who drives from home to home throughout the day. My blendjet rides with me throughout the day, allowing me to simply pour in water and shake mix at mealtimes without having to stop - allowing me to fit more work into my day! Item type: Lavender Kenneth W. Fantastic as previous order Item type: Lemon Joshua O. Best money spent in a long time! I love it 😍 Item type: Black Mayra A. Love my Blendjet!! Best investment ever ! Item type: Hot Pink Nancy L. Surprised at how powerful it is. Like that it's USB charged and easy to clean. Item type: Woodland Camo Dana S. I love my smoothies and will be doing meal replacements soon Item type: Geode Kaija P. I just received my Blendjet and I am in love! I hate how loud blenders are and the blendjet is much quieter. The best thing is that it is portable and I can put the ingredients in it and blend it at work. This is great and I can't wait to experiment with recipes. Tammie L. Absolutely love my JetBlend it is very easy to use and clean Thank you JetBlend Item type: Black Marble Michelle T. I’m loving my Blendjet! I wasn’t getting nearly enough fruits and vegetables in my diet. Now I can start my day with a fruit smoothie. It’s powerful and quick and so easy to clean. Plus it looks cute sitting in my counter. Item type: Mint Botond S. Let your fantasy free and don’t worry: Blendjet will blend everything for you. It is a perfect tool to prepare healthy drinks. And the customer service is superb, too! Item type: Slate Magdalena K. Great stuff Item type: White Marble Gailanne A. So easy to use, love that I just push a button and walk away . Quiet enough that my dogs aren’t very disturbed. I build it, put it in the travel bag bag and take it with me . It looks great on my counter. Item type: Black Marble Anuradha I. The jetsetter cover is good for protection of the blender Item type: Urban Camo Dov L. We have a lemon tree in our garden and I like to use the peels to make a zest for salads (we are total vegan). Your device works very well. I usually add a few walnuts, cinnamon sticks and avocado. We especially appreciate the self-cleaning option. Item type: Mint Karlie S. I use mine every single day! My only regret is not glinting one sooner! Thank you blendjet for making my life easier! Item type: Blush