Peace Out Skincare

Blemish Balm

At Cult Beauty
Wipe the (skin) slate clean with Peace Out's Blemish Balm. The perfect first step in your breakout-battling routine, this dual-exfoliating cleanser helps to refine your skin texture and diminish the visibility of pores as it washes away grime and supports your natural moisture barrier. The balm dot com when it comes to thwarting pesky breakouts, this daily exfoliating cleanser is designed with oily and problematic skin types in minds. Working into a silky lather, the clarifying concoction fuses biodegradable cellulose with salicylic acid to effectively exfoliate the surface of your skin and deep within your pores, respectively. It effortlessly washes away excess oil and impurities without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture barrier; quite the contrary, it harnesses hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, an eight-amino acid complex and ceramides to deeply condition and replenish your moisture barrier, promoting beautifully smooth, healthy-looking skin.