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Bleach White Toner Kit

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Nourishing toner to knock out yellow tones from blonde hair. If your hair just can’t be light enough, this may be your new hair hero-achieve your lightest, brightest blonde with expert help from Bleach London.This semi-permanent dye will last for around 15-20 washes.The colour achieved and the length of time which the colour lasts can be influenced by many factors such as: condition of hair, previous treatments, hair colour, porosity, length and fineness of hair. The final effect will depend on your hair colour. Best results will be seen on already bleached or highlighted blonde hair.You may need to use two packs if your hair is long or thick. It’s always a good idea to have two packs on hand just in case one runs out before you’ve finished colouring.Follow with Bleach London Silver Shampoo every other wash to extend brightness.