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Bell Nipple Clamps

At Adam and Eve
Make Your Breasts Jingle! Give your lover a musical treat with these bell nipple clamps! • Surprise your lover with a sexy dance that leaves your tits jingling! • Squeeze and tug on your nipples for hands-free stimulation • Tweezer-style clamps adjust easily to fit your nipples • Doubles as a clit ring for fun during sex • Measures 0.5 inch wide and 4 inches long • Made from metal with vinyl-covered tips The nipple clamps come with small bells that ring with every move you make! Just walking across the room can create a gentle tickling that will spike your partner’s curiosity. Or you can shake your booty to create your own sexy jingling beat while your partner watches! As you put on your concert, the clamps are gently squeezing your nipples and pulling them down. All in all, it feels like someone is lightly pinching and tugging on your nipples for hands-free stimulation. The tweezer-style clamps are easily adjustable so they can easily fit a wide range of nipples regardless of sizes. Simply slip the vinyl-coated tips around your nipples and slide the ring up until the tips tighten around your nipple. The further you slide the ring, the tighter the clamps get so you can easily change the squeezing sensation as well. You can also use one of the bell clamps on your clit so it rings during sex or when your lover eats you out! The nipple clamps spread open to a maximum width of 0.5 inch and measure 4 inches long. The clamps are made from metal with small vinyl covers over the tips for a more comfortable fit. Adam & Eve recommends the Bell Nipple Clamps for nipple stimulation. The nipple clamps are compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. Wipe them clean after use with a towel and soapy water and then dry them carefully.