Sweet Chef

Beet Serum Shot Pore Refining Facial Treatment

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Sweet Chef mixes the perfect daily shot of vegetables and vitamins to freshly boost skin's vitality and deliver a healthy radiance. The Beet + Vitamin A Serum Shot is a lightweight gel essence formulated with vitamin-packed beet to refine pores and smooth rough skin, and antioxidant-rich vitamin A to help minimize signs of aging. This bouncy, non-sticky gel formula makes skin feel soft and supple, while evening tone for that poreless glass skin look.Usage: After cleansing and toning, apply serum shot on face with a gentle tapping motion until absorbed. Follow with a moisturizer, if desired. Can be used morning and night.Cocktail your Sweet Chef Serum Shots for the perfect glow.GLASS SKIN STATUS: 1 drop of Beet Serum Shot + 1 drop of Ginger Serum ShotHYDRATE TO THE MAX: Your favorite moisturizer + 1 drop of Beet Serum Shot + 1 drop of Kale Serum ShotMAKE IT BOUNCE: Your favorite facial oil + 1 drop of Kale Serum Shot + 1 drop of Ginger Serum Shot