Barista Coffee Connoisseur 7 Piece Olive Mugs And Completer Set

Prepare and serve excellent coffeehouse quality drinks with this barista coffee connoisseur 7 piece mugs and completer set. This set features four classic coffee mugs from Omniware, a stainless steel frothing pitcher, a frothing wand, and the Mocha recipe book by Michael Turback. The Omniware mugs are beautifully crafted from durable and attractive stoneware with comfortably fitting handles. Designed with you in mind, these mugs hold in heat effectively to keep your beverage just the right temperature. Enhance each cup of joe with fresh frothed milk using the included frothing pitcher and wand. The pitcher features a curved middle for ideal measurements and the pour spout easily helps to separate froth from liquid for the perfect caffe latte. The frothing wand features a funky orange handle and a food grade stainless steel whisk head to whip up your favorite drinks. Use the Mocha recipe book to experiment with over 50 recipes for hot drinks such as the Triple Chocolate Maple Passion or cold drinks like the Black and White Espresso Milkshake. Together this set turns an average cup of coffee into a delicious caffeinated adventure to share with friends or family.