Bamboo Removal Pads

Why you should use reusable makeup remover pads Our throw-away culture has become a serious problem and it’s time to change some habits and replace single-use items by more eco-friendly products! Everyone can contribute to the change our planet needs and every small action helps. Using reusable make up cloths is a simple swap to do something good for the environment and also for your wallet. With our washable removal pads, you don’t have to give up the convenience of single-use cotton wool pads. They will keep your skin but also our planet clean! The Bambaw Cosmetic Pads Set includes: 12 Soft Bamboo Velvet Pads (60% Bamboo, 40% Cotton). 4 Scrub Bamboo Terry Pads (70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton). A 100% Cotton Mesh Bag. Ideal for: Removing face and eye makeup. Cleansing your skin. All skin types, even sensitive baby skin. Why Bamboo? It is a sustainable, naturally renewable resource. It requires only little water to grow. Bamboo fibers are antibacterial . The makeup pads are washable at 100 to 140 degrees. Check out the online user manual for the detailed washing instructions and make up removal tips. A simple solution to environmental pollution!